about emilee

hi, my name is emilee.


I am a hot mess and a sinner. But Jesus (BUT JESUS!) meets me in the middle of my angst, and He intercedes for me, calls me beloved only by His grace, and knocks my socks off. I’ll never, ever get over Him.

Currently, I am a student and nanny living within a simple, charming town in the heart of Kansas. I am a bookworm by choice, but the writing life chose me. I drink coffee only with oxygen, as Lorelai Gilmore first said. I am a messy bun enthusiast, always up for conversations on mentoring and literature and hand-lettering. More than all my quirky and noteworthy passions mentioned or forgotten here, I aim to make Christ’s love the home of my wandering heart and to lead those around me into that same joy one step at a time.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: 

Andy Griffith Gilmore Girls  laughter and tears  Audrey Hepburn  classic movies  Usher  

black + white stripes  rainy days  Dietrich Bonhoeffer  long handwritten letters  rap music

traveling  babies  calligraphy  Old Navy  twinkle lights  Netflix  dogs  Frank Sinatra + the like

flannel vinyl records colorful life, neutral colors exercising creativity Jimmy Fallon 

the Greek language anything floral You’ve Got Mail sass! authenticity







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