dorm sweet dorm 

Since I pressed Publish last, my summer of life change, travels, and preparation flew right before my eyes and all of a sudden — I’m here! At the school I’ve been dreaming of! Running late to class with the best of them!

I moved in to the dorms a week and a half ago (it feels like approximately three months in mostly great ways) with my best friend. Dorms tend to have a cold, plain feel, and I am happy with how we spruced up our space.




This “ABIDE” print comes from All Good Things Collective. When my roommate Rachael and I first started brainstorming about decorating our dorm room, we found this print on their website and from there we used it as our whole basis from the rug to our towels.

You can see the bulk of our inspiration at our Pinterest board: college.


“Here it is. This is where you’re going to be thinking all those impressive thoughts. It’s just waiting for your decorative stamp! …And a little air freshener.”

– Lorelai Gilmore






Without further ado,

Welcome to one of my favorite places to hang my hat! Rach and I will be glad to host you any time. 🙂 


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Iowa heart print from Etsy. Chalkboard was a gift. Curtain, Christmas lights, and globe (and so much more, if we’re honest) from Target. Entry poster and all prints above my desk are from the one and only All Good Things Collective. Coffee bar print from Rifle Paper Company. I literally can’t card from Lindsay Letters. Ann Voskamp quote canvas was created by yours truly! Isaiah 41:10 Print from Etch. 


I think our dorm room is cozy. I love inviting people over. I love hanging out here. I love the Scripture prints and the floral accents. But what makes a place a home are not the objects, but the heart.

“It’s not particularly beautiful. . . .I mean to say it’s not a museum piece. . . Take your furniture: it does not make one say, “What lovely things!” No. And yet this room has a soul.” –  Vercors, Silence of The Sea

I think our space is beautiful, but what I love most is that it is ours.

Thank-You, God, for a roommate that prays with me, goes deep with me, and makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts on the daily. Use this space for Your glory, not ours. Keep us expectant and obedient.

If you’re looking to make a space feel like home and to create a culture that furthers the kingdom of God, cultivate the hearts that live within those walls and watch God move. 

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P.S. Deck out your dorm with these awesome tips from All Good Things!!! (And if you haven’t noticed, I kind of like what they’ve got going on.)


the broken way: a playlist of hope & remembering

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp has been a powerful catalyst in my life since I first opened one of my first launch team e-mails in September 2016 and started scrolling through chapter one, to highlighting on my Mac late into the night so that I could finish the book before I met Ann herself, to present day: rereading my physical copy as it is already showing signs of use and love. This book has shown me that I don’t have to afraid of my brokenness, because through my weakest places God can reveal His power to the world in a way that He couldn’t if I would live my days as a put-together-always-smiling-actress. That maybe the hurt I despise could lead to intimate communion. That I can give freely and confidently, because I am loved deeply. You can find my full review on the book here: daring to live the broken & cruciform way.  Visit for the moving trailer, free printables, all the best reviews, and a direct link to getting a copy all your own.

The hard truth? Sometimes I am so weak that I don’t feel like I could bear the weight of a page, my own or someone else’s. On other days, I am on the go either working at my computer or commuting several hours a day roundtrip. No matter where I find myself on that spectrum, I still always need to be reminding myself of the truth that Ann pens simply and poetically: “You’re guilty, but not condemned. You’re busted up, but believed in. You’re broken, but beloved.” That reminder could come in prayer, gift-blitzing, the ministry of presence, practically a thousand ways… but one way that I have found extremely healing for my soul is in music. Perhaps you need to remember the truth of who you are, too?

I am about to kick off The Broken Way study with over a dozen women in my community tomorrow night. I made a playlist brimmed full of melodies and lyrics that resound the message of The Broken Way for them, and for you. The lyrics hold stories of heartache and resurrection, redemption and true community from artists like Jason Gray, Kari Jobe, Lecrae, and Tenth Avenue North.

Take a scroll and listen while you kick off this brand new semester, do the dishes, drive to that presentation, or go pick up the kids from school. Exhale. Grab some hope and light. Bookmark it, tuck the words away in your heart, and save it for a rainy day. I’ll do the same.


the ultimate Christmas playlist

Are you bored of listening to the same old track again and again? (I love that new Maroon Five single, but WHEW it is time for a little variety). Do you need to get the Hamilton soundtrack out of your head for a hot minute? Do you need some background music for your holiday festivities? Whether you are wrapping presents at home or on a ride looking at Christmas lights around town, I have the perfect playlist for you!

I have compiled an ultimate playlist of all my holiday favorites and there is something for everyone! I’ve got theologically rich tracks for reflection and party jams for dancing. I’ve got songs for feels *insert Michael Buble* and songs for reflection, country albums from my childhood and jazzy albums I’ve discovered in recent years! You’ll find anything from the classics such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin to recent picks such as Sam Smith, Mariah Carey, and Lauren Daigle!

IMPORTANT: you must must must MUST listen to Jason Gray’s Christmas album titled “Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy” if you don’t listen to any other Christmas music this season. It is my favorite Christmas collection hands down. He writes a song for each person in the nativity story along with several of the classics, and it is nothing short of stunning. It is the first album in my ultimate playlist, so you can’t miss it!

Each song, however eclectic the collection, holds a sweet meaning or a Christmas memory for me. Without further ado, go get busy and listen to these festive tunes!

* emilee’s ultimate Christmas playlist *


What are your must-listens every December? Tell me what favorites I missed! 

I am Emilee :: blog-tember day one

 I am arriving fashionably late to the #blogtemberchallenge party, but I finally made it and can’t wait to mingle with y’all! Click here to read what the #blogtemberchallenge is all about. I’m picking and choosing the prompts I want to use all throughout the month. But first things first, welcome to one of my favorite corners of cyber space. I am glad you’re here. Let’s become besties. Sound good?

My name is Emilee Clemons.

I am passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ being constantly worked out in my life. I will never, ever get over him.

I am a lover of Netflix, rainy days, rap music, sarcasm, and Frank Sinatra. I am an introvert whose hobbies mostly include happy words being hand-painted, typed, or handwritten with a side of strong coffee.

I have a freakish obsession with Usher and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. You’ve been warned.

I’m just a girl charmed in body and soul by southern hospitality, and currently soaking up the views in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

Currently, I am a student in my last year of high school and a nanny to the sweetest 9 month old boy. I’ve been blogging for going on seven years, and have always wanted to be a writer. I am not sure where the Lord will take me after college. But I know that He has created a big desire in my heart for graphic design, words of grace and truth, and being a wife and momma.

You can follow me on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

I know that this is only a blog post on one of millions of websites. But I believe that you are here for a reason. Stay awhile. Let yourself be known. I pray that you leave these pages knowing that you are loved and that God is all powerful, patient, and personal.

Catch you soon, dear friends.

peace, packing light, and baby steps

If we were to have a coffee date, and I would look in your eyes, this is what I would say that I’ve been learning and this is where I am coveting your prayers. I would look like a hot mess, because I am tired. But I’d have a sparkle in my eye — because although I need rest and clarity, I am expectant.

1. I want to learn how to pack light. 

Both physically and metaphorically.

I wonder if this is why packing light scares us so much, because we aren’t sure we’ll get exactly what we want. We’re scared to choose anything – a school, a job, a spouse – because choosing one thing means letting go of several others. But sometimes having limited options is a blessing. It makes it easier to choose our path, and choosing means we get to zoom in and enjoy our one, complicated, imperfect path, instead of trying to halfway entertain a bunch of others. No matter which school we pick, it won’t be perfect. No matter who we marry, our spouse will have flaws. But choosing means jumping in and accepting that path for all of its triumphs and trials. It means letting go of other roads, but in the end, it’s better than never really choosing anything at all. In order to hold on to one thing, you have to let go of something else. — Allison Vesterfelt

More on this soon…

2. Pray for me?

Speaking of packing light, I am packing over the next few days to go on a trip to the mountains for a conference. I would love it if you would pray for all the little details to go smoothly, but most importantly for a personal and widespread revival. Pray that by next Thursday everyone that comes home will be closer to the heart of God.

3. It’s possible to have no idea what is next, and still be at peace. 

I have a lot of decisions coming up and unknowns scattered in my brain — but in a priceless way, it has made me pay closer attention to my present. It has forced me to pay attention to the season I’m in and to give it my all. I have been able to dance freer, and to laugh harder, and to be honest with myself. It makes me hug tighter and not grumble about my small town as much as I have in the past. We never know what is next, even when we have tentative plans, and I hope that this is the beginning of a long process that teaches me how to be where my feet are wholeheartedly and to leave stress behind. Which leads me to our next point: baby steps. 

4. We need to get excited about baby steps again. 

If you didn’t know this about me yet, I am a nanny. It is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Today, as the boy I watch was trying to crawl on his knees (and technically failing — he is so close), I realized that we praise a trying again spirit in young children, and we should praise it in adults, too. Babies love it when you get excited for them. They smile, recollect their energy, and try again. This is how they grow, and that’s how we grow. If we praised everyone around us in their spiritual walk as much as we encourage young ones as they try new things (but just aren’t there yet), I think that the world would be a better place. Get excited when you see yourself inching closer to your goals, to the heart of God. We aren’t going to know how to stand strong on our own without being wobbly for a long awhile. It is okay — and required — to lean on other people. Celebrate small victories and keep going.  

5. Sometimes, you just don’t have energy to hold on to Him. 

It is utterly crucial that in our darkness we affirm the wise, strong hand of God to hold us, even when we have no strength to hold him. —John Piper

As John Piper says, we shouldn’t camp out willingly in the darkness, but it is important to know how to fight for joy when you are immersed in the dark. Sometimes, we just have to pray that He will hold us, even when we are punching His chest. I am learning the difference between wrestling with God instead of running.

What are you learning, and how can I pray for you?