since the first few weeks in january, you've seen me use the hashtag SayYesToAbundance2018. but what is saying yes to abundance? and why this year? it's knowing that a full life isn't a perfect life. God came to give us joy, but not a life that makes us boast of our own achievements and blessings, [...]


freshman year :: vol. one

"How's college?" Amazing. I truly love it. It's not perfect and I might have a few gray hairs from the stress. But life has been treating me well at Kansas State this first semester. The photo above is the most accurate representation of my life right now -- I'm loving life at Kansas State while [...]

the broken way: a playlist of hope & remembering

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp has been a powerful catalyst in my life since I first opened one of my first launch team e-mails in September 2016 and started scrolling through chapter one, to highlighting on my Mac late into the night so that I could finish the book before I met Ann herself, [...]

intro to vision board-ing.

Making vision boards is something that I have only habitually done since this past Autumn, right before my school semester got cranked up and I needed some focus and direction as I looked into the days ahead. It has always been revitalizing for me to work with my hands. I love painting, knitting, and finding [...]

the ultimate Christmas playlist

Are you bored of listening to the same old track again and again? (I love that new Maroon Five single, but WHEW it is time for a little variety). Do you need to get the Hamilton soundtrack out of your head for a hot minute? Do you need some background music for your holiday festivities? [...]

posts of the past :: blog-tember

Before today, I have had roughly 263 posts published. I have been blogging for six years. I have been published on five websites thus far. Today, I am rounding up 10 of my all-time favorite posts from when I began through the end of last year! It was both sweet and cringe-worthy to see how [...]

my fall vision board :: blog-tember

I took a webinar class from Hannah Brencher last month. It was on discipline, and the nitty-gritty of making big dreams small realities. One of her homework assignments was making a vision board, so later that week I spent one whole afternoon flipping through magazines clipping out what I found inspirational and challenging. Every quote [...]