a prayer for the spiritually dry.

Dear God, May I always see you as holy. I am not worthy to ask of You for anything, but Your Son did what it took to make this possible, so here I am, clumsy and trusting that confidence is what You have fought for. Thank-you for answering so many of my heart cries. Help [...]


a love letter to the overwhelmed

Dear you, the one on the other side when I press "Post". I think about you a lot. I don't know about you, but the more I spend studying the Scriptures, the more I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed at His goodness and then I am downtrodden because of my own sinfulness. And the more [...]

looking back at sixteen || vol. 2

What would I want to say to myself last year at this time - when I was just turning sixteen? You might be wondering how I consider myself qualified to answer this question, considering I just turned seventeen. I don't see sixteen as nostalgic and laced with memories and it certainly doesn't include letter jackets [...]

looking back at sixteen || vol. 1

One of the most popular questions and engaging ones in most interviews is, "What do you wish you could tell your sixteen year old self?"  The answers are usually singed on the edges with regret, but usually with a bit of nostalgia that leaves a person looking at the wall and imagining their life at [...]