currently :: vol. 2

I grabbed this currently list from Amber Thomas last month, and I've decided to bring it into the blog on a normal basis! Here is what's been going on since the beginning of March. loving. Sharpie pens. Possible new writing opportunities. My job. Warmer weather. My iPhone — mainly for Spotify, texting, Instagram, and Snapchat. [...]


for the girl who wants a love story.

Rejection comes in a thousand disguises, but it almost always feels the same. That guy that you never thought you would care for might dismiss you and reduce you to a smirk with no more hellos. When you see that old face again you might feel like his ex-girlfriend from high school that wore his [...]

march books: layers and letters

7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Letters And Papers From Prison. This baby took me months to finish. Dietrich is my favorite theologian that I've discovered so far hands down. I fell in love with him through Eric Metaxas' biography on his life, and I've been reading his work ever since. That being said, this book was worth [...]


There's a gap when you're gone that I can't seem to replace. Some Christians make me feel guilty for feeling this - any kind of emptiness. I need to just get over all those brothers and sisters in Christ that just don't want to be considered mine anymore. But, if we could fill every gap [...]