the ultimate Christmas playlist

Are you bored of listening to the same old track again and again? (I love that new Maroon Five single, but WHEW it is time for a little variety). Do you need to get the Hamilton soundtrack out of your head for a hot minute? Do you need some background music for your holiday festivities? Whether you are wrapping presents at home or on a ride looking at Christmas lights around town, I have the perfect playlist for you!

I have compiled an ultimate playlist of all my holiday favorites and there is something for everyone! I’ve got theologically rich tracks for reflection and party jams for dancing. I’ve got songs for feels *insert Michael Buble* and songs for reflection, country albums from my childhood and jazzy albums I’ve discovered in recent years! You’ll find anything from the classics such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin to recent picks such as Sam Smith, Mariah Carey, and Lauren Daigle!

IMPORTANT: you must must must MUST listen to Jason Gray’s Christmas album titled “Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy” if you don’t listen to any other Christmas music this season. It is my favorite Christmas collection hands down. He writes a song for each person in the nativity story along with several of the classics, and it is nothing short of stunning. It is the first album in my ultimate playlist, so you can’t miss it!

Each song, however eclectic the collection, holds a sweet meaning or a Christmas memory for me. Without further ado, go get busy and listen to these festive tunes!

* emilee’s ultimate Christmas playlist *


What are your must-listens every December? Tell me what favorites I missed! 


for the girl who wants a love story.

Rejection comes in a thousand disguises, but it almost always feels the same. That guy that you never thought you would care for might dismiss you and reduce you to a smirk with no more hellos. When you see that old face again you might feel like his ex-girlfriend from high school that wore his jacket, made him better, and the girl under his arm will never know you were a faded name on his timeline.

If you’re reading this and your heart is healed, Praise Jesus! You can read this from the other side. But this one goes out to my girls that are broken and ashamed to admit it. This isn’t a post about staying pure or who should initiate and it is surely not about bashing men. This is for those of you hanging out in the woods of confusion and for those of you who are sick and tired of the friend zone.

You might be feeling something like Hannah Brencher describes in her book If You Find This Letter: “I didn’t like watching the wife tuck her head on his shoulder and watching him make tiny circles with his fingers on her back. I didn’t like how this scoffing little voice barreled into my head. ‘You? You think you can have that? You cray, girl. You. Are. Just. Plain. Cray.’ The voice never left me, even as I got older . . . and wonder if I would ever get to marry someone who would take my hand before dinner and pray with me about all the things I already knew human hands were never equipped to fix.”

So, when your heart is aching – keep it simple. If you’ve been hit, it’s okay to feel like a complete wreck. Don’t cover up with too many accessories and leave the empty phrases at home.

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